ID Creation

The first Altered Ego workshop was held on 4th November in the Illustration department of Cardiff School of Art & Design.

Actor and trainer Dick Johns led an intensive session focussing on identity creation; illustrator Chris Glynn explored personality without words, sensory colours, mood and movement.

Developing new identities

The second Altered Ego workshop was hosted by the Trace Writing Centre at Bath Spa University on 2nd December. Chris Glynn continued the tangential explorations of the nascent identities started in the first workshop and mapped words onto 3D objects. Writer Brian Kimberling explored shifting perspectives and external judgement through a series of writing exercises. David Sinden and Kate Woodward led the creation of the first alter ego biographies and created the first portraits.

A workshop and recording session was held at the Ffotogallery Turner House space in Penarth.  Participants worked with actor Dick John to develop their identities and test recordings were made with Lord Spittleash and Humph.